Monday, February 3, 2014


Masimo announces BYOD SpO2 sensor for use in newborns (as long as your device is iOS). Masimo continued the rollout of its iSpO2 system by announcing a partnership with the Newborn Foundation to deploy the system in a pilot study in China to look at prevention of neonatal sepsis, pneumonia, and birth defects. Masimo also demonstrated that their iOS 30 pin connector plug (soon to be available for newer iOS Lightning plug and Android) will also be able to utilize the Masimo M-LNCS disposable sensor system, meaning that providers will hopefully not need to buy a whole new set of sensors that can work with their phones and tablets, just the appropriate cable to connect them. A lot of what is driving these recent changes and miniaturization of the Masimo system is the moving of the data processing to an integrated circuit board in the cord, rather than a large processing unit. This allows the sensor to output relatively simple data to the tablet or phone in a form factor that only needs the power draw and processing power from the tablet itself.

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